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Web Services

Web Design

Whether this is the first time for your company to establish a brand new web presence or you want to incorporate additional features into an existing site, we at Westin Technology can provide you with an effective website you've always envisioned, but thought was beyond your means.

With our partner Interface Design, a company with over 10 years of professional graphics design experience, we can help building your site with a prestige image that your customers are always looking for; with all the backend engines properly implemented for readily deployment.

At Westin Technology, design is just the first part of the project. We don't stop until we have provided you with all the components necessary to make your Web presence pay by submitting to the top search engines; making sure that your business is searchable through all the important keywords; and if necessary, setting up your broadband internet access or providing you the equipment to host your site in-house.

To prevent our clients from having a website that their customers never visit, nor having their customers visit the website for the first few months and never return, Westin Technology will help them developing an effective eMarketing strategy by means of continuous monitoring, analyzing and site updating..

Web Hosting

Registering a Domain Name

By registering a domain name, you in essence reserve this unique name permanently for your company that nobody else on the Internet can use. As such, you no longer need to notify your clients a change of your website or email address anymore.

Web Hosting

To activate your domain name or to let your customers being able to access your website or email anytime anywhere, your domain should reside on a server with minimal downtime and un-interruptible high speed Internet connection. A Web Hosting Service provides your domain with such an un-interruptible server service that was secure and performance-tuned for web access at a minimal price. These servers are properly managed and maintained by skill technical staffs in a data center.

Our Hosting Data Centre

  • Regular backbone upgrades to assure the best performance for your site
  • State-of-the-art network backbone with high bandwidth
  • 24 x 7 network, system, and application monitoring
  • Complete network and physical security
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • Clean, spike-free environment
  • Open systems architecture flexibility
  • Extensive public and private peering points

Why Westin Technology

Westin Technology has over 20 years of consulting experience in leveraging leading-edge technology as a strategic tool to maximize the efficiency, effectiveness and economy of business processes in your industry.

Our unique Total System SolutionTM methodology starts with applying our re-engineering expertise to deliver cost-effective technology solutions that our customers have enjoyed significant cost-savings and noticeable improvements in service levels.

We have a superb track record in completing complex projects on time and within budget, using a team approach and on-going, proactive communications with users and management to ensure no surprises.

Our corporate commitment is to develop and maintain a long-term partnership with our customers, because their success becomes our own success. As a minimum:
  1. We provide comprehensive user training and handholding for as long as necessary to ease the initial stress due to the changes in workflow and business processes, in order that the users can realize all the benefits of the new system quickly.
  2. We provide full technical support of the highest level in the industry.
  3. We diligently transfer our skills to facilitate our clients to be self-sufficient and reduce on-going costs.

What we offer
  1. Business continuity & resiliency services
  2. End-user services
  3. Integrated Network & Connectivity services
  4. I.T. strategy and architecture services
  5. Maintenance & Technical Support services
  6. Security and Privacy services
  7. Server & Infrastructure services
  8. Storage & Data Center services
  9. Technical Training services
  10. Web Services
  11. Software Application Management.
  12. Software Development services.
  13. Application Outsourcing
  14. I.T. Outsourcing
  15. Training Services