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Cargo PlusTM
A complete Logistics solution for International and Domestic Freight Forwarders, N.V.O.C.C.’s Consolidators & Forwarding Agents.

   Ocean Freight Core Module
Booking / Housebill / Invoicing / Payment Voucher / S.O.B. / AMS / Import & Export operations / Reporting
   Air Freight Core Module
Booking / Airway bill / Invoicing / Payment Voucher / AMS / Import & Export operations / Reporting
   Domestic Trucking Core Module
Multi-Routing / Invoicing / Payment Voucher / Independent Module / Import & Export operations
   Web-Tracker Module
Real-time P.O. Tracking
   Sales Manager Module
Tariff / Quotation / Marking Activity / Reporting
   Electronic Data Transfer (EDI) Module
Inter- & Intra- Cargo Plus
   Integrated Accounting Module

Special Features

  • A complete platform to handle all your business needs for:
    Air, Ocean, Trucking, International, Domestic, Import, Export, and Consolidation.
  • A web-based platform accessible from all your global offices via regular Internet broadband 24 x 7.
  • A modular platform so that you can expand functionality when your business grows.
  • Minimal hardware and inexpensive connectivity requirements.
  • Simple and effective User Interface (UI) to processes your massive volume of operation data efficiently.
  • Integrates real-time technology as a competitive value-added service to your customer. For example, the Web-tracker for real-time P.O. tracking.

  • Proven Result

    In 2006, the Cargo Plus was customized and implemented for a Freight Forwarder with multiple offices in HKG and mainland china. As a robust and reliable platform, this standardized system was well received by users and management because it could process real-time corporate-wide operation data with consistency, accuracy and integrity. As a result:

  • Workgroup productivity was significantly increased.
  • Information search for customer enquiries is fast, updated and accurate. Customer services were greatly improved.
  • Human errors and misunderstanding among offices were greatly reduced because of a standardized system in place across the entire Corporate.
  • On-going data processing maintenance costs were greatly reduced of a simple but effective system infrastructure requirement.
  • System downtime which happened very often before were also eliminated.

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