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Business Application

Companies around the world are leveraging the Internet to gain a competitive advantage. Whether it is putting your company's products & services on the desktops of key customers or streamlining your business processes, We deliver the expertise to develop and execute a complete Web strategy.

In addition to developing world-class Web solutions, we can help you Web-enable strategic applications that improve access, delivery, and integration across existing enterprise systems. You can leverage our real-world experience in developing these solutions to bring expertise to your organization quickly and efficiently.

At Westin Technology, we have extensive knowledge in all leading Internet technologies, including Java programming, 3GL development, application servers, messaging, and database connectivity and administration. Our expertise can help you with all kinds of Web-based applications, including:

  • Web Infrastructure Design and Maintenance
    To develop and maintain your Internet infrastructure for both external and internal applications by leveraging leading technologies, industry expertise, and significant experience with Web-based solutions.

  • Electronic Commerce Systems
    To help creating online stores with secure transactions and payment capabilities over the Web. By efficiently managing communications and transactions among all entities, your organization will slash transaction costs, reduce inventory costs, and improve profitability.

  • Custom Business Application Development
    Our professional team of analysts and developers has all the necessary experience and technical expertise to design and deliver a tailor-made software system that meets your specialized business needs. The case can be best illustrated by our sophisticated Dental Office Plus software system.

  • Web-enabled Database Applications
    With our broad experience in large scale implementation across various industries, we can assist in designing, developing and implementing efficient and effective Web-based database applications to facilitate most of your internal or external business processes.

  • Application Integration
    We can assist with integrating different applications, platforms, and databases including enterprise software applications, legacy systems, custom applications, and proprietary databases. By making these disparate systems work together, your organization will increase flexibility and valuable data integration.

Why Westin Technology

Westin Technology has over 20 years of consulting experience in leveraging leading-edge technology as a strategic tool to maximize the efficiency, effectiveness and economy of business processes in your industry.

Our unique Total System SolutionTM methodology starts with applying our re-engineering expertise to deliver cost-effective technology solutions that our customers have enjoyed significant cost-savings and noticeable improvements in service levels.

We have a superb track record in completing complex projects on time and within budget, using a team approach and on-going, proactive communications with users and management to ensure no surprises.

Our corporate commitment is to develop and maintain a long-term partnership with our customers, because their success becomes our own success. As a minimum:
  1. We provide comprehensive user training and handholding for as long as necessary to ease the initial stress due to the changes in workflow and business processes, in order that the users can realize all the benefits of the new system quickly.
  2. We provide full technical support of the highest level in the industry.
  3. We diligently transfer our skills to facilitate our clients to be self-sufficient and reduce on-going costs.

What we offer
  1. Business continuity & resiliency services
  2. End-user services
  3. Integrated Network & Connectivity services
  4. I.T. strategy and architecture services
  5. Maintenance & Technical Support services
  6. Security and Privacy services
  7. Server & Infrastructure services
  8. Storage & Data Center services
  9. Technical Training services
  10. Web Services
  11. Software Application Management.
  12. Software Development services.
  13. Application Outsourcing
  14. I.T. Outsourcing
  15. Training Services