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Service Call PlusTM
Productivity Systems for your Service & Warranty Division

   Customer Installed Equipment Profile
   Product Warranty Management.
   Equipment Parts Management.
   Service Job Order Management.
   Service Call Dispatching, Invoicing and Billing.
   Marketing Intelligence on Services & Warranty.
   Service Level Reporting for customers & management.

Special Features

  • A web-based platform accessible anywhere 24 x 7.
  • Ability to handle big chain account customers with thousands of stores.
  • Ability to create multi-level sub-orders on Service Job Orders with flexible separate or consolidated billing.
  • Automatically classify, prioritize, assign and dispatch technicians for service calls.
  • Marketing Intelligence such as Warranty renewal notifications.
  • Special service level reports for renewing annual service contracts.

  • Proven Result

    In 2006, the Service Call Plus was customized and implemented in a market leader of Food Equipment Supplies in the Greater China region. They supply kitchen equipment to major fast food chains such as McDonald, Kentucky Fried Chicken, 7-11, etc. Within the first year of implementation, they realized:

  • A streamlined workflow across their service and warranty division.
  • Service calls were handled more efficiently and effectively.
  • With the same number of technicians, the division is able to handle 20% more service job orders because of an improved job dispatch system.
  • An additional revenue on service of $2.5M was realized.
  • A better customer satisfaction level because of the reduced lead time.
  • Service Performance statistics was made available for the purpose of service contract renewals.

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