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Success Stories

Asia Pacific

Shipping - an US Transpacific ocean carrier company

As a professional vendor that could provide a one-stop, end-to-end solution, we designed and implemented from scratch an open systems infrastructure in 21 days when this US carrier opened its regional headquarters in Hong Kong. The speedy deployment help facilitate the company to set a record in the industry - the first sail of its carrier in 48 days. Because of our proven track record and highest service level, we were selected as the prime IT service vendor for their outsourced IT operations.

Freight & Logistics Software - an Australian software vendor

Because of our proven track record, our commitment to the highest service level, and superb technical expertise and experience, we were selected by a Freight & Logistics software vendor with over 80% market share in Australia as the prime local partner to provide all the necessary infrastructure implementation and technical support for its customers in the greater China region.

Freight Forwarding & Logistics - An established Freight Forwarder

Using Cargo PlusTM, a complete web-based system for the Freight Forwarding industry, as a framework, we customized and implemented this robust and reliable platform across all its offices in HKSAR and mainland China. The efficient and effective real-time processing capability of this platform provides all the necessary consistency, accuracy and integrity as required to handle the massive volume of data from the daily operation data. It was well received by all users; workgroup productivity was significantly increased while the overall data processing costs were greatly reduced.

Consumer Packaged Food - a Fortune 500 multi-national company

Designed and implemented a customized Business Intelligence (BI) solution for its regional sales and marketing division. Integrated with its existing JD Edwards ERP system on AS/400 platform, the model facilitated its managers a dynamic interactive reporting tool to timely analyze its corporate sales & marketing data without any limitation. Time for generating monthly management reports was reduced from weeks to hours.

Dentistry - A well-known NGO in Hong Kong

Designed, developed and implemented "Dental Office PlusTM" software application to maximize the operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness by automating and integrating all the essential business processes in its 3 dental clinics. Specifically, the software contains modules for the information management of appointment scheduling, patients, treatments, dental charts, OPG & intraoral imaging, payment & invoicing, inventory, and practice management.

Food & Beverages - Market leader in the Food Equipment Supplies

Designed, developed and implemented "Service Call PlusTM" software application for its service department to handle the service order processing, order dispatching, equipment warranty, product replacing, and extensive performance reporting mechanism. The Service Pro software has improved the division's overall operation efficiency by 20% and has generated an additional service revenue of HKD $2.5 million.

Banking & Finance - Three largest banks in Hong Kong

Provided many years of professional training on Information Technology to staffs of the three largest banks in Hong Kong, including the online banking teams.

North America

Manufacturing - The largest Canadian Aircraft manufacturer

Restructured and optimized a complex open systems platform consisting of over 350 UNIX servers and 2500 network devices for over 1,600 aerospace engineers, reducing processing costs by USD $1.5 million and improving processing efficiency substantially. Streamlined and automated several call center functions for recurring support problems, reducing second-level support calls by 50%.

Logistics - The Largest Canadian Custom Brokerage & Logistics Co.

Designed and built an open IT infrastructure for its 42 logistics branches throughout North America, which improved processing efficiency fiftyfold. Developed software to facilitate the transfer of massive volume of data for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) processing, which eliminated transmission downtime from an average of over 30 times a week before.

Information Technology- The Largest Worldwide Computer Vendor

Implemented and performance-tuned a UNIX platform consisting of over 30 midrange servers in US, UK, Germany and Australia for a new E-mail messaging switch software that handles various types of E-mail messages for use by its 250,000+ employees worldwide. The implementation was later used as a showcase to Fortune 500 clients on how the software could be used to consolidate all enterprise messaging systems.

Retail Chain - The largest Canadian national retailer

Designed and built a UNIX infrastructure as part of a USD $20+ million distribution center project for the largest Canadian national retailer. Being quoted in several prestigious magazines as one of its kind, the system supported the real time production environment for three national distribution centers as well as its 20+ developers in the application migration.

Insurance Consulting - A Big Five accounting firm

Managed the performance tuning of a proprietary actuarial valuation software used by several major life insurance companies in Canada, improving the software run-time throughput by 50%.

Life Insurance - A Top Five Life Insurance Company worldwide

A server hardware upgrade, with at least twice as fast in the published benchmark result, failed to meet users' expectation by not improving the application's performance at all. By Performance-tuning the system and the application, the overall runtime throughput was increased by over 35%.

Life Insurance - The third largest Canadian Life Insurance Company.

The first in Canada to implement the IBM UNIX platform as a commercial solution to replace the IBM mainframe environment in its actuarial division, which reduced annual processing costs by 85% ( CAD $600,000 ) and improved processing efficiency sixtyfold.

Streamlined its Accounting Department's core processes by developing database applications, which eliminated 3 FTEs, reduced the error rate by 90% for several accounting functions and saved 360 man-hours of the external auditors work quarterly.